Quick build an ark…..

Good news we are still treading water, after two days of heavy rain the skies seem to be starting to part, or at least the rain has quit. Although I had lots of computer work that kept me busy for about four hours yesterday, and it’s not often that you actually feel cooped up or boxed in like a couple days of cold rain will cause. If we weren’t going out visiting through this period of time we could be creeping real close to that feeling, but it’s over and weather man says the sun will shine today.

We got another 17 amp/hrs of solar, I know that’s not much but with the rain and no sun conditions, it’s still like a 1 amp trickle charger working for 17 hours. Ok I will admit it I am a little solar bias, but I hope to show everyone the benefits of even a small solar project…..to be continued….lol

Well as I have my coffee this morning it’s a balmy 8 degrees (48 f) which seem much warmer than yesterday and the forecast is 11 (55 f) this afternoon, not Florida weather but a step in the right direction. We spent yesterday visiting with friends and gathering supplies to head up to the Lake (we always do this, I assume it’s because the stores where we are going are an unknown at this point), Laurie was able see friends in the Fonthill area and we spent the rest of the day with Bob and Irina, sitting by the fireplace, catching up, and I was enjoying watching the Heritage golf tournament with Bob (Bobs not really a golf fan but humours me) on my old 65″ 4K television from our house, while Laurie and Irina caught up on water painting techniques, Irina who is extremely talented artist teaches evening classes at the the local high school. Laurie had started painting last fall, but we seemed to busy for to paint over the winter, but I expect she will be back at it this spring.

Today Laurie is doing an inventory of her Scentsy products, and I will be gathering a number of items to take north with us. We will be doing some renovations in the coach, adding more 12 volt outlets, and doing a few chassis repairs this summer. As we work to reduce the need for transformers, we have two iPhones, two iPads, and numerous other things that charge from a USB cord and create a lot of power loss. We take 12 volt DC invert that to 120 volt AC to plug in a transformer to create a 5 volt DC USB supply to charge a phone. So we are adding 12 volt DC supply ports with 5 volt DC USB so the inverter does not need to be on to charge items overnight.

Well it’s a kick back afternoon, watching the Heritage golf tournament from Hilton Head as well as the Toronto Maple Leafs loose to Boston Bruins. There is a little blue sky on the horizon but has not been sunny, imagine that the weather man was wrong again, that is OK we are warm in the coach our 1500 watt heater has kept up to the demand of the spring temperatures.

I think Laurie mentioned porgies for dinner, good comfort food, no plans tonight. We will be on the move tomorrow, hope to be on the road by 11 o’clock which should put us into my Hometown of Woodstock by 12:30 to meet my family for lunch and catch up a little before we move on to Lake Huron Resort. We are scheduled in there at 6 pm tomorrow to meet our new bosses and get settled in for six months as that will be home till late October.

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