On the move again

Happy Monday everyone, although not a work day for us yet, it has been a busy morning, while we are going from hookups to hookups I still flushed the black tank, and have added a detergent to the grey tank. In many cases the grey tank can smell just as bad if not worse than the black tank and with elevation changes it will sometimes vent through the shower trap to give us a nasty smell. I add an automatic dishwasher detergent to the grey tank with enough water to get a good splashing effect while driving, I do it to remove the soap scum from showers and laundry as well as any grease from dish washing. This is non foaming detergent and a cup makes a high concentration to wash the walls, clean the tank level contacts, and will reduce the fragrance. RV shops sell products to add but this a product I have used at work and trust it to do a good job quickly with little effort.

It’s 8 Celsius this morning or 46 Fahrenheit degrees, yesterday the solar intake was 18 amp/hours and while overcast we are expecting sun and 13c or 56f by mid afternoon, the plan is to be on the road by 11 o’clock a visit with my family and on to our summer location by 6 this afternoon.

Well it’s noon and we are in Woodstock, has been a sunny drive from Fifty Point we pulled out at 10:45 so right on plan. Traffic was light but the signs of a hard winter showed on the condition of the highways, lots of pot holes to be repaired. Because it is Easter Monday all my family was able to make lunch today, I have two brothers and a sister, from oldest is Stephen then Heather with Scott being the youngest, Diane and Linda are Steve and Scott’s wives. It is always great to catch up, with everyone’s life and what their kids are up to, we will try to get together for a barbecue in the summer but with everyone’s schedules it will be tough. Lunch was good I had the lunch buffet, so of course I eat too much….won’t need dinner.

Two hours further down the road and we are pulling into Lake Huron Resort, our home for the summer. It is a 200 plus site campground on the shore of Lake Huron, and this is where we will be our work camping job for the season, exact details of our duties will start to come into focus tomorrow at 9 o’clock. We have a site that is located close to the office, quite large, well treed (could be a satellite issue), has a storage shed which will be great to keep the chairs out of the rain. Had a beautiful sunset on day one, everything is a little wet, but there are lots of buds on the trees so spring is here.

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