Can you say ccccold!

Woke up to a few flurries but no accumulation and 0 or 32 degrees, in either system it’s cold, the wind is blowing off the lake through the trees and it almost sounds like a freight train and the waves were crashing hard. I did a quick walk around the park to survey the sitting water, and while quite a bit is left the wind overnight has helped dry some areas, what I also discovered was I need more clothing on! A couple more layers and we are off to rake the playground area, it is covered in wood chips and just needs to have some spots filled in and a few annoying weeds pulled, after a couple of hours it looks good, we will add some more chips to a couple of spots later.

As we are seeing the sun peeking through, we plan on cleaning the comfort station, showers, wash rooms, and the laundry room, get scrubbed floor to ceiling and power washed down with hot water. Every thing gets wiped down, squeegeed, floors mopped. Waste receptacles, shower curtains, toilet paper, and a fan to dry the floors and we are good to go (even got Laurie’s approval), with the laundry room up and running we wash the wiping towels and pretty much call it a day. It has warmed up to a balmy 4 or 40 degrees and while cloudy, we are still getting a few sunny breaks. Hard to believe that we took the whole day to get through those projects.

I have a few touch up items to finish the washrooms and showers, a little chalking along the counters, sinks and showers and we should be good. Rich noted we may need to repaint the ceilings but that’s a project for much later in the season.

Tomorrow is looking reasonably good on the forecast so we are going to clean up around the office, store, and the community centre. There is furniture to go out onto common areas and the floor washed in the community centre as it has been the storage area for lots of things over the winter. With temperatures tomorrow to be in the 8 or 48 degree range it should feel a little better outside playing with the pressure washer

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