One Crazy Week

Sorry for the lack of posts, it has been the craziest of weeks, the last five days have been beyond busy. Weather has not cooperated at all, but we have trudged through and where possible we have things ready.

As you can see in this picture the lake has been very rough and churned up a lot of mud from the shore. We have had a busy day cleaning and preparing sites for the new seasonal guests, raking leaves, picking up sticks, and putting some fresh gravel on the sites. We still have some wet areas that are going to take a few days of sun to dry out.

The camp roads are in bad shape in some places, I even managed to get our work cart and trailer stuck in the road, to everyone’s delight.

We have received some new trailers, delivered by the RV lots to be placed on sites for customers, we do that with our tractor to do as little damage as possible, as the tractor has a very sharp turning radius. We have also removed some trailers to make way for new guests, but the fun really starts next week with many scheduled deliveries.

To day received the parts to replace the rear wheel bearing and axle on the second golf cart, I got to lube about 60 black tank valves in preparation for next weeks pump outs, we installed a new pump on the honey wagon, put out the park furniture, shuffled some picnic tables around, washed the golf carts, busy busy busy. But now we are less than 24 hours till opening! We are going out this evening for dinner with Bonnie and Rich, could be couple of adult beverages involved, just saying.

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