Opening Day

Only 6 or 44 degrees, it’s 8 o’clock on opening day, it is overcast and we are only expecting a high of 8 or 48, but no rain till Monday, and we have heavy equipment in repairing the damage done over the winter with the process of shoring up the bank. The water levels are very high on all the Great Lakes this year and we have flooding in many areas of Ontario. Many people have lost cottages in the Muskoka area with rivers flooding washing out roads, our issue is from the waves of Lake Huron washing away at the shore and bank.

The park officially opens at noon today and Rich and I have a number of small projects to complete this morning, blocking off the beach access, putting some wood chips down on a lookout point around the benches, trimmings a few small trees, and a last clean up of sticks and branches.

It’s noon and there has been a steady stream of guests entering the park. The first rush is about over its 4 o’clock and only a few issues, received one trailer, replaced one 30 amp receptacle, helped a couple of people with a few water issues, over all pretty smooth.

The next rush will hit at about 6 o’clock as people finish work for the weekend, and head up to the campground, just to let you know, it never warmed up at all today, in fact the wind off the lake has lowered the temperature.

The afternoon rush went very smooth with no major issues, Laurie was busy at the office/store with lots of last minute items and everyone getting registered for the season, although it has stayed cold all day, lots of camp fires. We took a tour around the campground to met as many people as possible and everyone seems very friendly.

Well just finished my security round, it 11 o’clock and only a couple of groups sitting around campfires, the furnaces running are noisier than anything else. So opening day done with minimal problems….easy peazy….lol

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