May the 4th be with you…..

Sorry just couldn’t resist, the second day of camp life has been hectic, but when we sat and discussed what had happened through out the day it was like I was busy all day but really didn’t accomplish anything of greatness. A few small repairs to taps, a tripped breaker or two, move a picnic table here remove one from here, install a water heater plug for a guest, just little handy jobs.

We had a new fifth wheel come in to day that we had to level and block, a few other trailers that guests brought in, one moved sites, just a lot of little things.

The main difference with this campground and transient or short term areas, almost every site has a shed, every trailer is on cement blocks, because 98% of the units here are trailers or park models. There are only two other motor homes in the park and we have the only coach. Rich and I opened a number of trailers and park model today that are up for sale, the prices vary from 18,000 to 80,000 dollars depending on the rig and the site, the 80,000 has lake view and a couple of wood decks to enjoy the sunsets. Part of Laurie’s tasks are showing these units to potential clients, as the park gets a commission for brokering the sales and doing up the offers to purchase and the contracts for the sale of the units.

Tomorrow is a big day for me…..first go with the honey wagon, talk about black tank stories! Well until then all is well even had some sunshine today, still only got to 9 or 50 degrees but it felt pretty good anyway…..forecast for tomorrow is 15 or 62 degrees with sunshine… is hopping.

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