Honey I’ll be Late…..

What a beautiful morning although there was a touch of frost on the office roof, only 3 or 38 degrees as I have my morning coffee the hurricane is running to heat the basement so it got pretty cool this morning, but the sun is shining and the coffee is hot so everything in my world is good.

Today is our pump out day, as Monday and Tuesday are our days off, so Sunday afternoon has been picked as the designated honey wagon day. Well what a glorious day it has been, pumped out approximately 50 black tanks today, with no incidents! This process went very well, with Richard showing me the process, each motion has a purpose. Stay to the right here, keep tight left there, back up here to catch four units with one stop. The procedure took about two and a half hours, but by the end most of the guests had left the park so it was not too difficult. We also leveled and blocked one trailer that came in on Saturday, raked and cleaned one campsite, helped move a deck from one end of the park to the other, so all in all a quiet uneventful day.

Did my security check at 10:30 only about a dozen guests in the park tonight, only one campfire so pretty quiet overall, just a ton of stars on a cool spring night….

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