The Beach?

Today is our much needed day off, so after so coffee and French toast made with panettone, Laurie took the bedding to the laundry while I caught up on some budget items. It is so much easier working with internet that works, it was sunny and warm this morning but showers are in the forecast for this afternoon.

We decided to break the rules and head down the path to the beach, it has been taped off to the guests as of yet, there has been erosion of the path going down to the beach, and the park has trucked in loads of armour stone to try to shore up the walk way. But because of the high water levels in all the Great Lakes they have not been able to finish the end so it is very rough to get through the last 100 feet or 30 meters to the beach area, and the whole path is quite steep.

There are a number of trees that are laid down as the shore has been washed, that will need to be cleaned away, but the bank erosion is evident all along the beach, in fact with the water level this high, there is not much beach at all.

But it is every where on the Great Lakes, we seen photos from Lake Ontario showing high water levels there as well. And that is a couple of lakes down the chain as Lake Huron where we are dumps into Lake St. Clair which dumps into Lake Erie then to Lake Ontario before taking the St. Lawrence river to the Atlantic Ocean.

There has been flooding in many rivers of northern Ontario which flows into Lake Huron from Georgian Bay as well. Bob and Shari have been unable to get to their summer site in the Huntsville area because of high water levels as well.

But as you can see Miss Laurie was looking for treasures on the beach just the same….lol. So this evening was spend watching some movies on the television as we are just getting partial satellite as we are blocked by a tree so channel selection is limited, I know I know first world problems……

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