Day 3 on our own

Well it’s Friday morning, Laurie and I have been on our own since Wednesday morning. Richard and Bonnie left for their other park, they have a second park that is opening this weekend, so they left early Wednesday to do final preparations there. The other park is being managed by family, but seems to have numerous issues. But back to our situation, Laurie and I each have a weekly schedule of items that need to be completed as well as what is referred to as the “honey do list” the honey do list are items that are items in the park that need to be done when we can such as a dripping tap in the park or a post that has rotted to the stage of falling over.

We also do work for some of the guests, that they have requested, these are written up as a work order at the office and includes any issue on there site or in their RV that they need repaired. Yesterday I replaced a pex water valve on a water heater bypass in a 28′ tag a long. Today I have to remove a trailer for a guest that he has traded in on a new larger unit, I remove it at 8:30 this morning and he hopes to be back with the new one by 3:00 this afternoon for me to put back on his site. We remove the trailers with a tractor as the turning ratio is so sharp, makes it quite easy.

Bonnie expects this weekend to be busier than last week end as almost every one will be at the park, opening their rigs in preparation for our first long week end of the camping season. So just like last weekend we are just helping everyone get up and running, even the ones that storm into the office because they have “no power” and we find they just hadn’t plugged the unit into the electrical outlet (back to you can’t fix stupid) so we smile and say try it now that it’s plugged in……

Bonnie is returning on Saturday as they have a couple of sales closing this weekend, Rich is hopping to be back Sunday for the “Honey Wagon” but time will tell, I believe I can do it on my own but to will take a lot longer with one person, but we will deal with that on Sunday.

Well we made it through the Friday, the new trailer is in place, and all is well. I cut the grass again as it is growing like crazy, split and bagged more firewood for the store, helped Mike on site 102 get his new power cord in place and the rig back up and running. Laurie worked in the gardens (her happy place) in the morning, and spent the afternoon in the store, with all the kids buying candy and such (not her happy place) till close at 7pm.

I took our old barbecue apart again to clean the burner, keeps getting rusted up, this old portable barbecue owes us nothing, I won this in a gold tournament twenty years ago and it had limited use till we went full time, and it has been busy since then, the plan is a new one this summer but after the spring rush when the sales start…I’m still Scottish you know….lol

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