May 11th and 1 or 34 degrees

Wow this is crazy, frost on all the roofs this morning, only 15 or 63 degrees in the coach, the cats are staging a revolt as their curled up in their beds. And I’m thinking Florida and that humidity are sounding better all the time, this is Mother’s Day weekend, so there are event planned for the kids today in the recreation hall.

The high today is 8 or 48, not real warm but the sun is out this morning and as we met more of the guests the keep telling us the forecasts here are never right, all I know for sure is it was 21 or 74 on Thursday and there is frost this morning….brrrrr

Mr Sam can’t wait till I get up and he moves into a warm bed for his morning nap, it’s tough being a cat in our home. Today is a light day for me a few little jobs, restocking the fire wood, help a couple of guests with their openings, but no major projects.

For Laurie it’s another thing, a long day in the store 10 till 6, a couple of trailer sales closing today at noon and some more showings, plus lots of people getting internet codes, and lots of candy purchases by the kids in the park.

It was a special day as we had Matt and Sarah stopped in to visit on their way to a wedding in Goderich, Matt is my only son and lives in Stratford ON just down the highway from our location. Always great to see them and catch up, we haven’t seen then since November last year. They are both very busy with a home, a cottage as well Sarah owns her own business and Matt is an electrician so their schedule is always full.

Speaking of being busy, the propane delivery dude backed onto a lawn and left me this mess to clean up when it drys a bit….remember my low tolerance for stupid…at least he stopped at the office to tell us he made a mess. The tough part it wasn’t even the lawn of the site he was delivering to it was the neighbors site. That should be a hit when they get here….just saying.

Well about 9:30 tonight the power went out to the area, because we always have the inverter turned on, we hadn’t even noticed till someone knocked on the door to tell us their side of the park was in darkness. Well it came back on within the hour and I’m about to head out on my 11:00 security check, have to keep all the rowdiest in check and it’s still darn cold…..

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