Ahh Monday

I know who would ever have thought that we would look forward to Monday, but now as Monday and Tuesday are our days off, I must admit it almost feels like a Saturday. An extra cup of coffee, and the world (at least my world) starts to make sense again, today will be a restock day, groceries, laundry, maybe even a trip to the LCBO and the beer store!

To explain for our American family we here in Ontario can only by liquor from a government ran store the LCBO is the Liquor Control Board of Ontario, I know it’s almost unbelievable, so there is no competition, so there are no sales, and no promotions on liquors. In fact in Ontario we do not have happy hours, bars and pubs are not allowed to discount drinks, in case it promoted drinking….now you my understand why we get excited about happy hours. And until very recently only place to by beer was from the Brewers Retail, which was owned by the large brewery’s in Ontario which were Molson’s, Labbatt,s, and Carling Okeefe, (of course the kick is all those brewery’s are now owned by foreign interest) and controlled by the provincial government. In an effort to update they have changed their name to the “Beer Store”, wow I know how original, but makes more sense than the Brewers Retail. But in an effort to move into the 21st century we can now buy a six pack of beer at selected grocery stores, and there hasn’t been a break out of partying in the street yet.

The weekend went very well, no major issues, the park is drying out even with some rain showers, the pump outs went smooth, we are expecting a busy week as we prepare for our first long weekend of the camping season, our Victoria Day, which has became known as the May 2-4 weekend, which refers to both the date and a case of 24 beers

Well we are off to town and I hate to say it but I need to buy some more blue jeans….

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