I’m in charge….

Well as we prepare for the long weekend there has been lots of activity, we have been on our own since Tuesday, Richard and Bonnie had to go to the other park, expected to be back Friday…Rich’s comment as he left…your in charge…what could go wrong?

Well because Tuesday was sunny, and the rest of the week looked a little suspect, I decided to work the afternoon. So I moved the lane way which is one mile long. That with a little trimming took the best part of three hours. And as much as it was sunny it was still only 8C or 48F degrees and just sitting on the mower was quite chilly. But it looks much better.

Wednesday looks like it is going to be dry so we have a couple of lots to clean up, now that we can work without being in mud. I had two water taps to change out one on the north side and one on the south side of course. We had dropped some trees around site 180, and had placed a couple of logs either side of the deck, to protect the deck when the tree fell over it. But it was too wet to remove them so today I chainsawed them into smaller chunks that could be handled and trucked then away, Laurie raked up the mess I made and now 180 looks pretty good! We had three trailers come in today and helped get them situated on their lots, and I almost got the trailer leveled on site 87 which sounds easy. But when they are seasonal we place cement blocks under the frame in six locations, so getting all six properly situated and the trailer truly level is a time consuming process. We are going out for dinner tonight with some special friends!

Well Thursday is here and our list of tasks is shrinking, it is going to be warm again today and they have changed the forecast, so no rain till late this afternoon so today is the final cutting of the lawns before the weekend, Laurie has sprayed all the weeds in all the areas around the buildings, she also raked and cleaned our new site across the road from where we are now. I assembled a barbecue that was in a box on deck of the guest house, done the final weed whacking and blowing around the playgrounds and walkways, the last task for today is to split some more wood for the weekend a task that will get finished on Friday morning. It was even warm enough to sit out and have a cocktail before dinner.

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