Lake view for everyone!

We have just went through a full day of downpours of rain, there is not a dry site on the campground. We are talking a lot of water that can’t even start to get away.

This is a photo of the field behind us the field that was tilled and planted last weekend and now it is a small lake, this rain came fast and furious for hours at a time. Thunder storms are intense but short lived normally. But this not so much, there some areas of the park that had 10″ or 25cm of water sitting. And just to add insult to the day between the storms the sun was out and was very humid at 22 or 76 degrees.

Bonnie and Richard left Tuesday and are not back till Sunday, I have talked with a number of people with concerns, but all and all everyone is taking it in stride. Kids playing in a huge puddle that is in the middle of your site, is not something I would be taking as well as they are. We can’t control the weather but if this is the new normal than we will need to adapt and quickly.

Notice the concrete blocks that they have placed to get in and out of the trailer, not a good impression for new seasonal campers, and notice the fire pit surrounded by water, tough to keep a fire going there. Laurie is convinced that Mother Nature is either off her meds or is high on the pot smoke here in Canada Eh.

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