Last few days of May

It is the 30th of May, and to say it has been a wet spring would just touch the surface, it has been cold and wet for over a month and the long forecast on the weather channel show a summer with big storms…oh boy. It’s Thursday morning and it hasn’t rained since Tuesday although a number of sites are still very wet there is no rain in the forecast till Saturday and warming temperatures with some sun. So hopefully the weather cycle is changing for the better. We are suppose to move to another site a bigger site that gives Laurie a better view of the store so that she doesn’t have to sit in the store all day but can monitor it from the coach.

Today is mowing day with the lane being on the schedule, I’m also power washing the pool area as we have deck repairs scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, after that the Health Board should give us the approval to open the pool. Also on Monday and Tuesday the rescheduled work on the beach walk are to happen.

Well the mowing is done, the grass is growing like crazy, cutting the lane every second week is tough with this kind of growth, the mower is set up for mulching which leaves clumps of cut grass when it’s to long so I will try to do a second mowing next week so that I can get on top of it, not a hard job just takes a couple of hours.

Have completed the exterior washing of the washroom building and as much as I thought it was just a make work project, it looks much better after being power washed.

Laurie and I have opened the pool building, removed the tarps and are sweeping the debris from the pool deck and power washing it in preparation for the repairs. It seems to take a long time but the better job we do means less stuff to get into the pool which makes the pool boys job easier.

It’s the first of June tomorrow as the weekend warriors are starting to stream in, it won’t be till next week that we move to our new site…oh well.

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