June 1st weekend

Well Friday night security checks were uneventful with a dry cool evening, a number of campfires but some of the usual suspects are missing this weekend. As crazy as it seems while the weekends mean Laurie is busy in the store and office they are usually much slower for me as we really try not to be noise or move any machinery on the week end with all the kids and traffic in the park.

This morning I ventured off to Goderich to the farmers market, Miss Laurie wants some rhubarb to make a crisp, and I always love to go and look for treats at a market, a fellow has to take care of that sweet tooth. So rhubarb, some peppers, a jar of relish, and oh yeah some butter tarts and all is well. For our America family butter tarts are a staple here in Ontario, the can be made plain or with raisins, walnuts, pecans, the butter filling can be runny or solidified, totally your individual choice, mine are runny with pecans because that is how my dad liked them so that was how my mom made them and of course the pastry has to melt in your mouth as well…there is even a butter tart tour across Ontario same as the bourbon tour in Tennessee…well the same but different….lol

Saturday I will finish the washing of the pool deck, and wash all the lounge chairs in the pool area. It’s early Saturday morning and I can see the pool that was crystal clear on Friday has started to become cloudy, while Richard is not back till Sunday I know that we need to check the chemicals in the pool. So I muddle my way through it and realize the chlorine is very low so I start chlorine pump to add as I continue to finish off the cleaning. It is a sunny morning but still quite cool only about 10 of 52 degrees with a breeze off the lake again today.

The whether report is thunderstorms in the afternoon, it looks like for once we are going to be spared the heavy storms as they are passing through just south of us. Looks like Port Huron / Sabrina are getting slammed big time, while we can hear lots of thunder we are just catching the edge of the storm. So a couple hours of rain and we appear to be past the worst of the whether so Saturday night could get a little noisy after every one being coupled up this afternoon with not much else to do but drink…I know have been in the same situation myself…just saying

So a security check at 9:30 made it appear like it could be a tough night…lots of campfires…and lots of people…with lots of music and noise. But as luck would have it at about 10:30 the rain came back…for once I’m thinking this might be a good thing, and as I went out for the 11 o’clock check only a couple of groups left and everything was breaking up…nice another quiet Saturday night.

Sunday was a day of questions when will the pool be open, when will the beach access be open to which I have no solid answer yet. Richard is back this morning, it is a sunny morning but that cool breeze off the lake still keeps it chilly. So today is my pool training day, with the official start to daily pool maintenance. The pool will be open in two weeks for the Fathers Day weekend so now I have to keep the pool cleaned, and stable for the next two weeks. We will also start the heater so it is warm for opening which again will change the chemical balance of the pool. So step by step through all components, cleaning of the filters, vacuuming the pool testing the chemicals, recording all the info into the log book. Simple enough but we are dealing with the Health board of Ontario so every thing must be recorded and documented and if you can believe this when we open I have to check the chemical levels every two hours…looks a lot of pool time for me this summer…

And as every Sunday afternoon ends it is pump out time, and as disgusting as that my sound it really is not that bad…any one who RV’s deals with a black tank every few days, no different only it’s once a week and involves forty or fifty black tanks…not a real big deal

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