Busy Busy Monday

It’s Monday morning and the heavy equipment is here, the work on the beach access is really happening. It has been put off for a few weeks and today is the day it happens, truck loads of rock a excavator, big loader, dump trucks, and a Bobcat lots of big boy toys. But as we head down to the lake this morning the lake seams pretty rough, I will assume from the weekend storms and there doesn’t seem to be any beach at all.

But today is our day off so we are heading to London and a Costco to restock for a week or two. We find that the meat selection is so good there, and we still seam to buy a fair bit in bulk even if it’s just snacks the savings are substantial over some of the local chain stores. This week the pork loins were on sale so we bought one and sliced it into pork chops and we picked up some New York strip steaks, not on sale but so nice and huge we will split one and I do love a good barbecued steak now and then.

We also picked up a couple of potted plants for Bonnie as we were there, she needed a couple more for their living space above the store and office. The biggest disadvantage to this area is your an hour and a half from almost everything, London, Kitchener, or the US Boarder so the trip to Costco ends up being a four hour excursion not the end of the world but eats up the best part of the day and makes it difficult to get my ice creams home….I know first world problems. 🙂

So we land back at the coach and Laurie is taking care of putting everything away, slicing up the pork loin and of course I have to go check on what is happening at the lake access, and there is the excavator in the water placing the concrete blocks as a retaining wall, I still just find it amazing the power and the grace a good operator of a piece of equipment can show. Picking up a half ton block placing it position and then just nudging it into position with such ease.

The day has been bright and sunny, although the temperature remains cool the high was 14 or 60 degrees and still a little breeze off the lake. As we had picked up a huge cesar salad at Costco and we were going to barbecue pork chops for dinner Laurie suggests inviting Richard and Bonnie for dinner. The breeze is dropping off and so is the temperature so they accept our offer of dinner but suggest we eat at there place so it’s a date 7pm and I’m cooking pork chops for our bosses, now as every one knows pork over cooked is the driest toughest thing in the world to eat so I need to be on my game with the chops!

Well dinner was a success, we had a great evening with Richard and Bonnie, they have an amazing living space with a huge outdoor space with fireplace tv dinning area, lounge area all under cover but open to see the south end of the park and the lake to the west. We had cocktails on the deck area but eat inside, and the chops were cooked perfectly if I say so myself. The evening was very informative as we got to know our bosses better and I think they felt more comfortable telling us their plans for the park in the future as well as their new undertaking at the Maple Grove Resort which they plan to expand to nearly 500 sites as they transform it. As we had back to the coach it’s nearly 11 o’clock but what a great night and busy day it has been.

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