Another week done!

The work week seems to just disappear every week, Thursday and Friday just zip by, and the weekend is really my slowest time, during the week we mow the grass, split wood, work with the tractor and back-hoe, and try to avoid as much use of mechanical equipment as possible on the weekend as the park is full of children, and they are everywhere. The dilemma is that we try to shut down all equipment by noon on Friday, but that is when the guests come in and make the requests, example today I was asked for a pump out at about 3 o’clock and someone else needed some holes filled with gravel after that. And to make it worse there was a PD day at some schools so lots of children in the park earlier then usual.

I just had to mow the laneway grass again this morning, it just looked bad, and it is the first impression on your way into the park. And as the owners leave us in control so we just treat the park like it is ours…and so far we have had no issues, they just keep telling us to slow down and take it easier…not what we are use to hearing from your employer in the wonderful world of business…just saying.

I started to rake the debris along the beach walkway today, it is tomorrow’s project, to repair the damage by the heavy equipment, clean the winter debris, sweep up and make it safe for the guests. There is a lot of loose gravel on the walk as multiple yards of gravel were taken down the walk one loader scoop at a time, which meant lots of spillage, which means lots of work.

I have a feeling that Saturday will be a little hectic with the preparation for the beach opening…it my not be my usual easy going weekend, but we will see…..

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