Moving Day Kind Of

Well it’s Tuesday morning a beautiful sunny day and with a day of rain in the forecast for tomorrow we decide today is the day we move to our new site. So with all the same process as a one hundred mile move we prepare to move across the road. But a few hiccups the chassis batteries are low, won’t start thunder, this is the battery bank I want to relocate anyway but that doesn’t explain why the are at 11.8 volts, I have always suspected there may be some residual draw on the batteries but the solar system is suppose to trickle charge the chassis batteries at 2 amps after the coach batteries are charged and being plugged in they should always be charged…hmmm.

So a boost from the coach batteries and a kick from our battery charger and we are off and running. The reason we have not done this sooner is the ground is still wet so I want to be very careful not to tear things up too much and as we get settled into our new position thing are not too bad. So we get plugged in and the basics done and decide to mow the lawns this afternoon as Wednesday is not looking real good so work this afternoon and take tomorrow off and that’s ok with Rich and Bonnie they have come to realize that we will get everything done each week and as much as we have a schedule we sometimes bend it to fit the whether and the parks needs.

Another full day of work on the beach access with more loads of stone, disappearing down the hill to the beach, I have been down to check the progress and will do a blog as we get closer to the end.

The clam is up! The first time since early April in Florida, and just in time as the midges seem to have invaded the area, they are little swarming insects that don’t bite, but just seem to be every where, they have a short season a week or two but on a calm day they are everywhere. As we are getting settled into our new spot a day of rain tomorrow will show what areas of concern we will have to deal with as the summer approaches, Richard has moved the model park unit into our old spot and it looks goo there and our view of the office and store are good we get the morning sun on the passenger side and the afternoon sun on the drivers, fridge should be happy, we have room to extend the awning and the clam is in place with the anti-gravity chairs which should be good for the cats and us…lol

Now we can get the basement rearranged and the back of the sport trac emptied, and I can get on with the summer tasks that will most likely include replacing our 2000 watt inverter with a new 3000 watt, the removal of the Joey bed, the install of a small (beer) fridge and a TV on a folding mount, plus reconfigurations in the coach where the table and chairs are now. Lots of things to do on our days off from the park.

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