Rainy day off

As suspected today is a overcast dreary rainy day, so not a lot going to get accomplished out doors today, a check of the pool indicates the chlorine is low the temperature has risen from 61 to 62 but is crystal clear, so the chlorine pump is started and we will see what it reads tomorrow after a few hours of the pump running today.

Construction continues on the beach access, multiple loads of gravel being trucked in then disappearing down the lane, as I head off to town to find some water taps for replacements at the park, I need to do two more when the rain stops tomorrow and the last time Bonnie went to get them she could only get two. If you can imagine with over two hundred sites and a tap per site plus a few others we have a lot of taps. So a quick trip around Goderich comes up empty at the usual purchase spots TSC, Home Hardware, Rona, it the had any there was only one and it was some lightweight made in China piece of crap so I ventured off to find a plumbing supply, and bingo 12 new taps nice well built taps that will stand the pace…most of the weekend warriors sit the water supply tap off every time they leave so every week or so I need to change one or two so corporate decision made spent a couple of bucks more for better taps.

A quick stop for me at the Barbecue spot to get pricing on a new portable Napoleon barbecue, the one I have talked about for the last couple of years, I know but a new barbecue is a major thing for me, my love for well grilled food, our use of the barbecue as a major cooking appliance, these all come into the picture as I decide on the new que.

Well late afternoon and the rain has stopped and we’re grilling one of those New York steaks with the fresh asperges that I got at market on Saturday. And as I sit grilling I’m thinking how nice that new grill will be with the dual burners and the warming rack and 12,000 BTU’s of heat….I know enough already if you want the new grill just order it and be done…lol

Nice rainy to laz around, catch up on some you tube videos, and get ready to go hard to prepare for the weekend

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