Oh son of a Beach

The beach access is open! It’s 4 o’clock on Saturday and we have just finished finished the sweeping and raking of the the walkway. Now I’m not one to complain about the heat but what’s the deal, today was the most strenuous day with lots of manuel labour involved and today the temperature was 27 or 86 degrees, and the breeze was off shore so no cooling effect today. Richard and I started at 10 this morning and other that a 30 minute lunch break we worked steady at this till 4 pm.

This task is normally not this bad but because of all the work at the bottom of the access, and the fact all the gravel had to be taken down a loader bucket at a time, add the steep angle and much spillage had taken place. We felt that there must have been a couple of cubic yards of gravel spread across the walkway. The walkway is pavement and the gravel has larger stones that just act like marbles as you step on them. So the walk had to be raked, and a blower was used to remove the sandy portion of the gravel so it’s hot and dusty plus a lot of work…but we were able to complete the task and safely open the walkway.

The three photos show the roughly the same view, the top has the large rock building up the edge that had washed away. The middle one shows the gravelled path with the stone all the way across the walkway and the last photo shows the swept path with the pavement re-exposed to allow easier access to the beach area.

The access to the water is a huge feature to the park, and many guests have chosen this park just because of that access. Needless to say we have lots of happy campers now in the park and traffic on the path was brisk this evening

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