We are good To GO!

We have passed our first health board inspection! So we can open the pool this weekend, we don’t have to wait but there aren’t a lot of guests in the park and the pool is only up to 19 or 70 degrees. So not a big demand for pool time right now, and I’m just getting into the routine of the chemical checks on a regular basis so it’s ok not to have anyone in the pool right now.

I met the inspectors on Tuesday when they were in and we are not expecting anything inspection until some time in July, when we get a surprise inspection. The biggest task will be the paperwork as we are to inspect the reading every couple of hours. So we will fire the heater up on Friday to warm it up for Father’s Day weekend until then solar and pool blanket are in place and operating normally.

So we just finished our first weekend with the pool open, and still waiting to see an adult in the pool, lots of kids in there almost steady over the weekend. And it was not by any means a nice weekend, looked like rain all day Saturday with a cool breeze. But it did not seem to deter the little people…actually really good to see it getting so much use and as it was our weekend off it was not our concern with tracking the chemicals.

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