Steady as she goes…..

Well we have passed the halfway point of June and are still having the heater on overnight as we are still creeping in to the single digits of temperatures (below fifty for our America family) and with most of my days being outside I quite often feel chilled when we sit down for the evening….I know suck it up buttercup!

Well we just went through a weekend off, well if you don’t count helping Richard with the pump outs and Laurie covering the store and cleaning the washrooms yesterday we were off. LOL

We are in a seven day straight working week as Richard and Bonnie were attending their daughters graduation in Ottawa this week and then they are at the other park and not expected back till Sunday, which means we are running the park for now. Laurie had us added a box around a row of cedars to keep the mulch in place so it does not get onto the snap courts when it rains, it is Wednesday and lawn mowing day.

So the big news from the weekend was that they have hired a part time university girl to help Laurie out with covering the store hours as we close in on the new summer hours. So summer hours start June 25th till September 2nd…a pretty cushy job for the summer, nothing but store hours…so Laurie get an email from Bonnie at noon today the new girl just let everyone know that she would be on holidays from June 26th till July 5th over the July 1st weekend. I mean seriously this is the problem, we can not even get people to show up for interviews for two part time positions here at the park, and Richard had told me that was why they decided to get work campers for the park because when the hired locals it was a crap shoot if they would show up for work or not.

So the week has gone well, playing with the chemicals as pool boy, cleaning and trimming, which has became a major portion of the weekly tasks. With all the rain every thing continues to grow almost in spring like conditions. The expectations are that the growth of the grass will slow down as the summer heat starts to take over, but in the meantime we are preparing for the second major holiday weekend of the season. July 1st which is our Canada Day, so the park will be packed to capacity as there is live music, food truck, and fireworks planned for the next week end.

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