Days off?

It is Tuesday morning and we are in the middle of our two days off, so yesterday we went to the beach and we explored the north side of the beach area, Miss Laurie found some shore glass (we used to call it sea glass when we were in Newfoundland and Florida but now it’s shore glass) and of course some more rocks to add to her collection. Then enjoyed some quiet time in the Clam with the creatures with a couple of cocktails and of course I get to thinking of work items that need our attention so end up helping Richard get them fixed up as he abuses me about not being able to sit still…could be true but I’m not admitting to it just yet. Although we did close the pool at 9 o’clock when Richard and Bonnie had not made it back home from dinner yet…so ok maybe he is right…just saying.

Today we are heading off to Woodstock to take Laurie’s brother Steve out for lunch as it is his Birthday this week and he is working in the Woodstock area. So I need to give the sport trac a quick was as its looking a little grubby from the mile long gravel lane and the fact it has been so wet it definitely needs a bath.

The trip to Woodstock was uneventful it is about an hour and forty minutes from the camp ground so it makes over three hours of driving time just for a short visit, but Laurie hadn’t seen her brother since April and we needed to do a little shopping. Seems that I must be loosing a little weight as all by pants and shorts have became a little loose so a couple new pairs of shorts and I’m good to go.

While driving back Laurie noticed a barber shop in Mitchell, it seems to have become a scarce commodity any more, the old barbers are retiring and no one is taking over, there are lots of chains but it’s just not the same. Not that I can be considered a good client as we travel so much, if I find a good barber I will make an effort to go back. So I’m sporting a fresh hair cut from Brian’s Barber Shop in Mitchell, and yes my hair was cut by Brian my new favourite barber in the area….lol

And with a blink of an eye and a stop at the LCBO and our two days off have vanished and back to work on Wednesday.

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