July 4th

A great holiday for our America RV family, Independence Day is one of the Great celebrations in the US, I have been able to enjoy it a few times in the past, a very proud group of people, our America friends are and they love to show their pride. A little more than the meek Canadians to the north, oh we are proud as well, we just don’t show it as well.

And let’s face it Independence Day says something, this is the day we celebrate our independence as opposed to our Canada Day celebrations, I mean Canada Day what lame politician came up with that , I mean why not Confederation Day at least it would help explain the celebration…but you know we would not want to offend anyone…so we called it Canada Day…don’t laugh they talked about calling it Flag Day…now that’s even a whole new level of lame. Oh but in true Canadian fashion sorry if I have offended anyone and if I have offended you you probably are reading 5he wrong blog, it’s not that I set out to offend it just happens…but that’s a whole new post.

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