And Phoof Summer is here

Wednesday is lawn mowing day, and we are finally getting so warm weather 25 or 82 degrees which is great but such a sudden change, from long sleeve shirts and sweat shirts to Tee shirts and some real heat and of course along comes our humidity….no no I’m not complaining just making an observation. because the lawns have been growing so quickly weekly cuts are almost not enough so I will mow today and try to do another trim on Friday morning as now I have rows of grass clippings to deal with. But all the lawns and the laneway have been cut.

Thursday will be weed whacking day as we prepare for the holiday weekend, we are going to have live music in the park, and hope to have the band set up on the lawn for every one to enjoy so. I also have to run the honey wagon around to do a few pump outs as well as some tank level maintenance as we prepare for an influx of summer campers, as well as my regular task of keeping the pool chemicals adjusted properly, with more use and the temperature of the water rising it becomes even more important. With the solar heater for the pool we have snuck up into the 24 or 80 degree range, it can climb a couple of degrees a day on a sunny day, and we have chased the temperature with the pool heater to maintain the temperature over night and on the cloudy days….the whole solar thing still amaze me, being able to harness the power of the sun for heat and power…just saying

Well Friday rolled around and got the lawn removed but a torrential downpour prevented the use of the blower to clean up the grass clippings so they will get tracked into the washrooms and of course the pool area…oh boy!

I put up my new embroidered Canada flag and we have not had any wind since for me to actually see it flying, but I love the colour as the last one faded so bad, not impressed. I find it somewhat ironic that you have to really hunt to find a Canadian flag that is made in Canada, the last one I bought was made in the USA but the quality was not good, and many made in Canada flags are poor quality as well…just saying

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