Canada Day!

The second major holiday weekend of the summer…and we have gone all out at the park…with live music, a food truck, and a fireworks display oh my. I say this is a major holiday but we call it Canada Day like seriously, all our holiday names are a little weak…I mean you just have a look at at the names Victoria Day, Canada Day, Civic Holiday, the only one that stands for anything that someone not from Canada can maybe get a handle on is Labour Day and then we spell it differently than our America neighbours.

If you have to explain what the holiday is I think you have missed the mark! Look at our friends to the south… Memorial Day, Independence Day, Presidents Day they all give you a pretty good idea what the celebration is all about…just try explaining to your America friends Victoria Day and why we are celebrating a dead queen from another country, I know there is more to Victoria Day than that but we even think so much of it that we just call it the May 24 weekend…just saying.

And Canada Day, why not Confederation Day at least it would have some significance. I remember when they changed it to Canada Day it used to be Dominion Day some politicians wanted it to be called Flag Day…now that is even lamer than Canada Day. Canadians are a proud bunch, oh sure we have our political goofs but so does every country, but we just don’t beat our chest and shout it out loud, we are more meek and to use a British term more refined (Iknow that isn’t exactly how you would describe me…lol) but it is how many people see Canadians, the people that say sorry and Eh, which has become how many of our southern friends see their northern friends from the great white northern tundra.

But all things considered it was a great day, the food from the food truck was great, Laurie had some waffle cut sweet potato fries and I had some loaded regular fries with bacon, sour cream, onions, cheese and some hot peppers. The band put on a good show with a good variety of tunes and the kids seemed to have a good time and as the evening turned to darkness the park put on an amazing fireworks display that seemed to be the perfect topper to a great Canada Day Celebration.

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