Who turned up the heat?

In typical Ontario fashion we have gone from needing a heater overnight to needing air conditioning, well maybe not quite that drastic but close. On a recent business trip to the Niagara area the temperatures were 31 or 94 degrees a little different than along the shores of Lake Huron where we are in mid to high twenties and cooling off in the evenings today is Friday and the expected high is 28 or 82 and the weekend will be around 22 or 74 which is the perfect temperature we just need to loose the 82% humidity, I know you can’t have everything but I can hope.

It has been a real learning experience with the cool westerly breeze coming in off the lake, it has effected the temperature and the prevailing wind is from the west so it has been a factor a lot of the time. I have wore blue jeans more this spring than I expected, I just couldn’t wear shorts, after a few hours outside I would just get chilled and it would take a day or two to get warmed back up…someone gave me a jab about the lack of tan and it is true even on the sunny days I would quite often be in a sweatshirt because of the cool breeze.

it’s almost time to do my security rounds and I’m hearing a few cracks of thunder and a few drops on the roof, should make it an easy and quick round tonight, seems much quieter tonight that most Fridays, but we are ok with that as well…

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