Fifty Point Conservation Area – Review

This Conservation areas main interest is in its marina, it is located on the west end of Lake Ontario, it has approximately 80 camping sites, a beach area, restaurant, multiple picnic sites, group camping area, ball hockey, and a soccer pitch. The camping area consists of two main area old and new, the old area is well treed and offers full hookups with 30 amp connection and the new circle that has larger sites, some 50 amp sites, very open as the trees are newly planted.

Amenities are limited but there is a well equipped comfort station between the old and new areas, laundry and showers, there is a sandy beach but a fair walk, fishing, and multiple walking and biking trails, there are no planned events for the children or the campers.

This is a very busy park, it is one of a very limited campgrounds open before the middle of May and open till November, it is operated by the Hamilton Conservation Authority which controls all the cities parks, I will tell you that their reservation system is terrible (we always call), the rates are between 45-55 per night, no discount until you commit for 13 weeks and then just to really annoy you the have a 14 dollar processing fee, so a one night stay with 50 amp could run you about $70, because Ontario is blessed with a 13% sales tax on all goods and services.

While there are a few that stay for the season, it is more a transient and weekend warrior park, its location offers lots in the area, with shopping, water park, distillery, winery, restaurants, access to Ontario’s commuter train (GO Train) which is the best way to explore Toronto which offers everything you can imagine from major sports, opera, broadway shows, all imaginable restaurants and food all accessible with the Toronto transit system.

Would we return, yes because it offers us an option in the spring and fall when other parks are not open, it’s close to friends and family, and our doctors for appointments. But as with all campgrounds the advertised WIFI is none existent, again we were getting good connection to the system, just no band width.

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