Our Big Berkey

Not often in life that you make a truly great decision, but the purchase of our Berkey has been one of those life changing decisions.

Wow that’s a pretty bold statement! But yet a true statement, we try to drink a lot of water and we use to buy huge cases of bottled water, which are heavy to carry, hard to store in a coach , and we found we always had partial bottles of water left everywhere. Sound familiar? To add to the problem, recycling (which we believe is a necessity) is not easy on the road, and we had so many plastic water bottles it was just wrong to throw them in the garbage….then I started reading the labels and found that most bottled water is just from some municipalities water tap anyway, and some them contain a significant quantity of sodium….so we needed a solution.

October 2017 we purchased our Big Berkey. After much research I found the benefit to filtering our water and using reusable water bottles would be multi fold, first and foremost our water always tastes the same, couldn’t say the same thing about bottled water or about municipal water supplies. When you purchase your Berkey you buy it according to you water consumption, it has to keep the filters full and wet to provide the best quickest supply of water, we opted for a two – double filter system and it is expandable to four – double filter system. The Berkey consists of two compartments stacked on top of one another, the top compartment has filters attached a purification filter on top which is attached to a chemical removing filter which hangs into the bottom compartment which acts as a reservoir for the purified water. Proper sizing will have you filling the upper reservoir at least once a day

While the Berkey is reasonably large it fits perfectly on the counter, and under the cabinets while traveling, it has a rubber around the base so it does not slide and I have unintentionally tested it for movement on a few occasions. And while taking up residence on the corner of the table while parked I could not see us not having a Berkey in our lives no matter where we are. The filters are expensive but last for a number of months and are now just part of our life, we filter all drinking and cooking water through the Berkey and if I could figure out how to have it feed the ice maker I would.