Another week in the books…

Well it’s 6:30 on Friday morning, and I am just going to make a coffee, like every thing we do as full timers there is a process to having a morning coffee. We perk our coffee every morning in an old Pyrex glass perk on our propane fuelled stove. A quick check of the gauge on the propane tank shows 3/4 full, and with some wonderment I remember it was filled back in April after returning to Canada, it’s now July the 12th, pretty good but only two things run off the propane tank the stove top and the refrigerator if we are not on shore power.

It was been a routine work week so far, the grass has finally slowed down its growth, so the lawns looked much better, no wind rows of grass after mowing. I pulled the blades off the mower and sharpened them on Wednesday so they seem to be cutting the grass as opposed to beating it into submission. I also replaced a couple of boards on one of the benches on the walk way from the beach, age had got the better of them, I loving refer to it as the old fart bench…for obvious reasons…the youngsters have no problem hiking up the hill but some of us just like to sit and enjoy a little quiet time and catch our breath…just saying

For some reason yesterday, I kind of lost the will to work, the day before had been quite warm and I just needed a breather day. So while I completed a number of tasks they were on the lighter side. Today after pool opening, will be mid-week pump outs, Laurie and I find this somewhat entertaining as boondockers we have learned to conserve and ration most things in our life. And so many people here have no concept of water conservation a couple will fill a 40 gallon black tank in four days. Any way where was I, oh ya making coffee, filtered water from our Berkey, a couple scoops of Folgers, and about fifteen minutes later fresh perked coffee and an aroma through the whole coach of coffee.

I also just sliced a couple of pieces of bread for some toast, Laurie makes us bread with the bread maker that we got a little over a year ago, it’s pretty close to made from scratch and now that we have Canadian flour again, I know what do you mean Canadian flour well a crazy as it sounds American flour does not work well in the bread maker, I don’t know why, we we told that by John and Lynn in Why but now fully understand it just doesn’t make good bread. So a fresh loaf of bread is becoming a almost weekly event, so a couple slices of toast with butter, a large mug of fresh perked coffee…ok now bring on the weekend warriors!

Laurie has been trying to secure a site for December in Arizona, we normally don’t book anything when we go west but we have missed our Why Arizona friends so much. We spent December 2017 in Why and made such great friends there, we follow some on Facebook but many don’t use that app so we only hear about so of the things happening through third parties and as great as that is, it’s not like talking directly to them or being there, we still have not heard back with a confirmation so we may just end up boondocking in the area to visit…time will tell.

As crazy as it will sound I have already started to plan and prepare for our dry camping adventures this winter and some testing has brought to light that our old Heart 2000 watt inverter is starting to weaken, and while I would have preferred to exchange it in Quartzsite this winter I may have to do it this summer, the problem with that is sourcing the items and getting them shipped is expensive partly because of the whole Trump border tariff thing as well as our tax rate. So I’m working on the logistics, and while there would be a couple of inverters sitting on a shelf in Quartzsite in Goderich not so much.

Well it’s 6:30 Friday afternoon and the flow of people into the park started about noon and is still going strong, the day is cool when you are out of the sun, but the skies are clear and the low for tonight is about 14 or 60 degrees a little chilly for the middle of July but so far only one day that has required air conditioner because of humidity so it has been very comfortable, there was rain around this week but we managed to stay clear of it this week and the weekend is looking very nice as well…

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