Filter day

A small item but makes a big difference, we try to change our water filter into the coach at least every six months, as full timers we use a lot of water when hooked up so the main filter gets replaced regularly, it does restrict the flow but I feel the benefits out way the annoyance. It is our primary filter and while it always amazes me how heavy the filter gets over time (I have to surmise from contaminates) all water going into the coach passes through this primary filter.

The secondary filters are rated for 1500 gallons and I try to change once a year they are for the ice maker in the refrigerator, and I have two carbon filters on this line, two reasons it is a low flow device so the restrictions do not have a huge effect and I do like my clear ice in my cocktails and don’t want any contamination in my Buchanan single malt scotch whiskey, I do have priorities and my cocktails are one.

Double checking for leaks is an essential part of the task, this connection required a second look and some extra Teflon tape to eliminate the drip forming at the threads, a drip in the basement could cause lots of aggravation and damage if it went unnoticed for a few days or worst yet a few weeks…the last filter started to leak after a few months, luckily I caught it quickly and corrected the issue.

We also treat all drinking and cooking water with a secondary filtering system that I can not say enough good things about, I will not go into detail but if you like odourless, tasteless, water no matter your source we have a recommendation for you, watch for my Berky filter review.

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