Laurie’s Beaver!

Well as I have mentioned miss Laurie just celebrated a birthday this week, and while we do not really give each other birthday gifts, this was just too unique of gift to pass up. One of the guests of the park has a cousin that carves items out of blocks of wood with a chainsaw, so I took the opportunity to have a Beaver carved, as we drive a Beaver motor coach it just seemed like the right mascot to display on our adventures and travels. It looks amazing and I think Laurie likes it as well. It is a little heavier that I was expecting but it certainly makes a statement as a conversation piece…just saying.

As we have moved around the country many unique items have stuck in your head either as an item with a story, or an item that peaks your imagination or just a cute item that makes you smile, and I think we have covered all those bases with the yet un-named mascot. We have had many suggestions some usable some not so much but all entertaining, we will keep you informed as we decide…lol…meaning when Laurie decides.

The owners of the park got in on a little birthday fun as well by gifting Laurie a new plunger, as it was on her wish list of needed items for the park so it made for a great gag gift, but before you start feeling to bad for miss Laurie it also included a gift card for Boston Pizza. Laurie’s brother and sister in law are coming up to visit for a few days, so we will be celebrating birthdays and doing some exploring of the area, I have a tee time booked for Monday for Steve and myself then I think lunch at Cowbell Brewery with the girls…and we will see what happens from there.

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