Santa Clause?

Well yes it is, it is Christmas in July at the park today, and how fitting with only five months till the real thing. The jolly old guy in the suit is probably loosing a few pounds today, it is 24 or 80 degrees today, not too bad but the humidity is getting up there again, so red suit, in the sun, yeh I’m thinking it could be a little warm.

There are a number of private celebrations around the park, a roasted pig, deep fried turkeys, pot luck dinners, each area does there own little event…some a little louder then others but all in good fun. Laurie and I were treated to a great dinner of roast pork with the trimmings, our compliments to the people that put so much effort into making it a special community event. There is to be karaoke tonight at the community hall, that should be entertaining…I think.

We are almost through July and the park has a lot of thing going on, many people are off for vacations so the park has more activity than normal, and with next weekend being a long weekend with live music and an event called the amazing race, many folks are taking this week and / or next week off, so it may not be the usual quiet weekdays we have become accustomed to, but that’s ok as well. The pool has been a favourite hangout with everyone beating the humid days with a dip in the pool to refresh, and a few brave souls take a dip in the lake and I know that is refreshing…brrr.

This week was just the usual tasks with a little bench repair on one of the lookouts, the seating area was showing its age, but some new pressure treated boards and we should be good for another ten to fifteen years. And no more complaining about wobbly seats.

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