The Amazing Race Poker?

The Start

Well this was truly some great entertainment both for the participants as well as spectators, as 29 teams of 2 people had to circumvent the park in the search of clues and cards to form the best poker hand, there were prizes for best costume as well. Obviously there were multiple cocktails involved which seemed to make some of the challanges a little tougher for some than others, in fact some were just down right challanging for the stone sober so imagine how a few chugged shots, could effect with ones ability to complete a dexterity puzzle.

Example of the Clues

So all 29 teams started in the community center, then all had to head to the same area of the park, to find a multiple plastic eggs to piece together their first clue, with that clue they had to detemine thier starting point then dispersed to different areas of the park to one of the different stations, at each station there was a skill test as well as their next clue and a card for the poker hand, oh yea there was also a shot of liquor that had to be consumed as well.

A little co-ordination test

Some of the clues were a little complex and took some thought, to determine where they should be heading next, if you got out of order than you could miss some of your cards to make that perfect hand, with completion of the whole race you should have collected 10 playing cards to make the best five card poker hand possible.

Picture Charades

While there were no royal flushes, there were some pretty good hands, with the winning hand being four 10’s with an Ace high, Four of a kind is really rare but with over ten decks of cards your odds get considerably better. So the winning hand was owned by a team called “The Beaver Liquors” (yes I can’t even make this stuff up) and the best costume was “Fred & Wilma Flintstone” which was well deserved.

Everyone gets in on the fun!

And the Lady, Miss Shelly that put this all together, spent weeks of planning and making arrangenents to have people in place to control the handing out of the clues, ran 50/50 draws on all the holiday weekends to put the funds together for the drinks, as well as the prize monies. It was very obvious that this project could not have been put together with out a lot of time and effort, our hats are off to you Miss Shelly…job well done.

How many Maple Leafs on the caps?

And to the whole team that spent a Saturday afternoon, judging and controlling each clue box job well done, we had heard about this event all summer and I think it lived up to the hype, as I said there had to be more than one hundred people involed as helpers or participants.

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