A Beach Day

Well imagine that a day off and we are on the beach, not sure this beach has a name. Richard told me about this beach, it is one that the locals frequent, it is mainly sand and we were able to drive right down to the beach, it’s Monday afternoon so there are only about a dozen people in sight, but the day is warm and feels quite humid, so the breeze off Lake Huron is refreshing.

Of course one can not go to the beach without some refreshments, Miss Laurie has headed off in search of some beach glass and I’m just trying to stay refreshed, while listening to the waves lap on the beach. Lake Huron is calm today, and I think this could be called one of those hot, hazy, humid, days of the summer at 26 or 84 degrees, I think it qualifies. And with the humidity it feels like 31 or 92 degrees which makes it one of the warmest days that we have experienced this summer, nothing like the folks in Niagara area have experienced with temperatures in the thirties and feeling like forty with the humidity, not missing that so much…just saying.

It is almost crazy to think the Summer is nearly over, but Labour Day is closing in fast at at that point our park will fall back into the slowed down pace of just a few retired folk, the grand kids will be back in school and we have been told that the park will be back to the quiet peaceful park that we first enjoyed. We have done very little exploring this year, and have decided not to look for any work camping positions this winter, but instead just enjoy some down time to catch up with friends and make some new ones.

Well Miss Laurie said this beach is a bust for beach glass, and with the breeze is picking up, and the peace and tranquility has been shattered by a jet ski, I know they must be fun to skip around on the water but they are just so noisy compared to a boat. That is one of the things we have enjoyed about Lake Huron, has been the quiet, it’s unlike Lake Ontario or Erie with the crazy boat traffic or even worse Florida. So when we got here we were amazed at the peacefulness and to see a boat was unusual we quickly started to enjoy the quiet and being to hear the surf. So as we pack up to head back to the park this is a beach that we will return to I’m sure.

Just to update the beach name is Zion Beach…

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