60 Days…WOW

In sixty days we will be on the road again…our last day at Lake Huron Resort is October 25th. And it seems to be closing in so fast, and it doesn’t feel like we have been here over four months already but we pulled in on April 22nd to the Resort…we have never stayed in place this long over four months already.

And this last month has been a busy one with many visitors, family and friends, it has made the time seem to just disappear, which is good and bad.

I have been terrible about posting and keeping everyone updated with what is going on and what is in the near future so this is just a short update as to the what and where as it stands today. And I have about half a dozen posts almost done so there should be a bunch in the next couple of weeks…I hope. There has been so much to tell and so much happening I just can’t seem to get a whole blog done before I’m starting another one…Miss Laurie would tell me that’s a time management issue…just saying

We will be leaving Lake Huron and heading to the Niagara Area, and if we can make it fit a stop in Woodstock to visit family it would be wonderful. A few repairs to the coach and the Sport-Trac at Gino’s in St.Catharines before we head across the boarder in early November.

Depending on the weather we are hoping to get a visit in with Butch and Betty in Ohio as we pass through. and then a leisurely drive across the country to Arizona and hopefully a December visit in Why Arizona where we started to build our “RV Family” just two years ago, although booking has been an issue, January and February will be spent some where in the Desert between Yuma and Lake Havasu mainly on BLM land with a Quartzsite stop in Mid January and March finding us in Nevada and preparing for the journey back to Canada mid April.

This view just never gets old…



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