Stephen & Karen

Well we have had our first overnight visitors in the coach, and all in all it went well. We have always joked, cocktails for eight, dinner for four, but only sleeps two…you must remember this is our home, not our recreation vehicle, so it is set up for us. You see all types of RV’s that sleep six or eight, this was not ever a consideration in our world, the coach is equipped with a jack-knife couch that appears to sleep two. Have never used it and never expect to, from the conversation after the first night, it is ok but not desirable, I guess it brings into play the idea of roughing it, or at least as much as you can rough it in a forty foot motor coach…

Laurie’s brother Steve and his lovely wife Karen make this adventure possible, they provide us a mailing address in Ontario, and forward the necessary items to us when required. As some items still have to go through snail mail, like insurances for what ever reason. We did a little exploring while they were here a day trip to Kincardine and Bayfield a couple of outstanding meals, multiple cocktails, a quick round of golf and they had to leave, almost too soon. As I have talked about before as great as the travel and exploration of new areas can be, there is the price of not seeing family and friends, which has been difficult, but it also makes us appreciate the visits even more.

They brought us our most recent mail, which consists of more junk than anything as every company it trying to promote their latest greatest program. And our latest magazines that I can not seem to stop, a number of groups we are part of insist on sending paper copies even though they are all available on line. So we always get half a dozen magazines that are months old when we get then and then we have to try to recycle them, such a waste of paper, ink, time, shipping expense, but yet seemingly unstoppable.

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