Ok it is (was) my Birthday

Birthdays do not cause the same excitement now that they did fifty or sixty years ago, imagine that. Fifty years ago I would have been thinking “WOW” I can legally get a drink in the bar that I have been drinking at for the last few years, now its all about the best happy hour…just saying.


So this morning Miss Laurie gave me a gift that the “Kitties” ordered off the internet photo included, she has went out of her way to tell everyone that it’s my birthday and to stop by for a shot, so I have set up a small shot bar on the table in front of the coach and have had a good stream of visitors to join me for a shot, and then she tells me that we are having  dinner with Bonnie and Rich and I am thinking what could possibly go wrong?


Well let me tell you many things can go wrong, the longer the afternoon goes on, the possible issues just keep multiplying as each shot is consumed. I have just discarded an empty bottle of Salted Watermelon whiskey from the Ole Smokey distillery in Tennessee, and I am working on the next bottle even as I write this blog in between shots….I am back to what can go wrong?

Well it’s three days after my birthday and now I am actually almost back to normal so now I can tell you what did go wrong…mid afternoon, not real sure on the exact time as I’m a few shots deep (actually multiple shots deep) and to my amazement in drives Robert and Susan some of our RV family from Newfoundland, now even Laurie didn’t know they were coming to visit, I had many people stopping to which me a happy birthday (at this point I’m way beyond happy), luckily for me at about five o’clock Miss Laurie thinks I should have a little nap before dinner…now can you say understatement! And apparently I was in agreement, so after a couple hours of naping she tries to wakes me for dinner, and not just dinner, but dinner with Robert, Susan, Richard, and Bonnie so not a real good place to make an even bigger fool of myself than I already had, but luckily she gives up and heads off to dinner without me.

Now the story should end there, but in my warped little mind I was thinking it would look even worse not to show up for my birthday dinner so I drag my sorry ass out of bed, get looking a little (at least in my mind) presentable and stager over to dinner. At this point pretty much everyone is amazed that I was upright let a lone made it to dinner and I’m sure everyone (especially Miss Laurie) was a little more than nervous that I had made dinner, but all went very well, dinner was great, we had some birthday cake, a little hopefully somewhat coherent conversation and it was off to bed for me…with no major incidents.

Well the day after my birthday was filled with much pain, and as you all know Sunday is honey wagon day at the park, my only blessing was it was my day on the tractor, so needless to say it was one of my longer days at the park would be a major understatement. And then there is the whole visitors from Newfoundland, where, why, when, how long…all these questions will be answered in good time…just stay tuned.

One thought on “Ok it is (was) my Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Lovely man 😘🎂
    Hope you enjoy yourself and remember it’s just a number !!
    Keep yourself thinking young.

    Love Teresa & Anito ❤️


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