Teresa and Anito

Well what can be said, it’s not often that Miss Laurie is caught off guard, in fact the last time it was a surprise fiftieth birthday gathering that I was able to mastermind under her nose. So it was very cool that we both got shocked by a pair of totally unexpected visitors.

I met Teresa many years ago at her work in Naiagra Falls where I purchased a few products to fill orders on some of my customers want lists and I then introduced her to Laurie who sells Scentsy products and Teresa just happened to be a Scentsy Addict, and the relationship grew from there, it wasn’t until sometime later that Anito and I met. Teresa is a great cook and was always baking cookies or goodies so every time Laurie and Teresa got together I knew there would be some goodies for me. Laurie would have an open house to show off the latest Scentsy products and Teresa would always drop by.

Anito is the head of maintenance at a hotel on Lundy’s Lane which is one of the main tourist areas in Niagara Falls, so we always had mechanical issues and a list of repair nightmares and unusual problems in common to discuss. In fact when discussing work issues many of Anito’s stories made mine seen quite trivial in comparison, the things that people do has never failed to amaze me and the things they do in their hotel rooms goes to a whole new level of bizarre.

So Teresa and Anito had rented a cottage in Grand Bend for a week and just thought they would stop by to surprise us, it was a Sunday and Laurie and Miss Bonnie were inspecting the progress of the gardens at the guest house and I was sitting by the coach with my laptop, most likely working on a blog post. And there are lots of cars moving around as the weekend warriors are heading out after the weekend so I never noticed when a car pulled in behind the coach. It wasn’t until I looked up as they were a few feet away that I was scrambling to place the faces, we have met about two hundred new families this year and we are doing pretty good at placing faces with site numbers and then remembering the names, but these familiar faces were not from the park. So a couple seconds later I’m out of my chair and Miss Laurie is hustling over to greet our unexpected Niagara visitors.

And then there were tears of joy, as Miss Teresa was beside herself, as she had pulled off the big surprise off flawlessly, so because we were still on shift we had a very short visit and made plans for dinner in Bayfield the next evening to catch up, on the latest happenings both with work and family. It’s my bad that I totally neglected to get any photos but it was so great to catch up, and hear what was happening, with our nomadic lifestyle we only seem to get together once or twice a year so there is always lots to catch up on. So we have made plans to get together before we head to Arizona this fall.

One thought on “Teresa and Anito

  1. It was one of the best surprises we ever planned ❤️
    To see how your faces lit up was well worth it.

    Friends for life for sure ❤️

    Love your blogs keep writing.

    Love you guys Teresa & Anito


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