Planning 101…or not!

Well not just yet, as you know we are not real big at booking camping sites, we pretty much just fly by the seat of our pants…well news alert we just booked six days in a parking lot in the Lake Havasu area for the balloon festival in January of 2020 with no hook ups for the 4 days of balloon watching and I’m pretty sure we will be with a few hundred of our newest closest friends, and when I say close, I’m thinking in a sardine kind of way…lol

As full time RVr’s we have learned when you need to be worried about having a camp site booked and when you just roll the dice and take it as it comes, as Arizona is our escape this winter from the cold and is one of the easiest areas to find spots. Oh yea some areas are booked months in advance these are normally the high population areas like Phoenix or Scottsdale, but there are so many free camping spots in Arizona it is never really a problem.

We have a number of friends that we want and need to catch up with this winter we are going to move around the state spending a week here and there to spend some time with as many people as possible, we also want to take in the Quartzsite area bedlam and attend some of the rally’s or met ups in the area. There are a number of spots that we just didn’t get to last trip through and quite honestly we are just a whole bunch more comfortable and smarter this time through, not to mention much better equipped for the boondocking that is available. We will stop for full hook ups when we need to dump, fill and do laundry as there are lots of small campgrounds around that can serve that purpose.

Well as I’m finishing up this blog Miss Laurie just told me that we have made a reservation for a month in the Why Arizona area, so we will be spending the holiday season with our RV family from Why…what is so great about this is that it was our first real planned stop as full timers and the community made it a very easy transition into this lifestyle. Now not to be too hard on anyone but we had been trying to get a site in the original park we had been in two years ago for over a month with no answer one way or the other, it was always we will get back to you which they never did. It wasn’t a real problem to us either way we just wanted to know so finally they told us they had no spots and before the end of day Laurie had us booked into a spot at Sonoran Skies right next doors.

We will be heading to Arizona in early November, so there will be very few open campgrounds, so other that lot surfing or mooching a spot here and there we will just be hopping for good weather, as we are looking to go across the central part of the states, as opposed to heading to the southern states as we did last trip west, so hopingto use interstate 40 corridor if possible.


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