The pool is closed!

So it is mid September and the shutting down of the park is underway, after the last couple of die hard swimmers on Sunday, we officially shut down the pool equipment, the pump, filter, heater, lines to the pool all drained to prevent any possibility of freezing over the winter months.

This procedure is not difficult, but has to be done in the proper sequence, blowing lines out with compressed air and than sealing them to ensure no water gets back in to them. Day one was pumping the water level down below the skimmers, and then disassembling the filter to clean the big paper filters, and then drain the filter of all remaining water. Next the pump and UV system ensuring no water remains in either unit, any freezing would damage the units and mean expensive repairs in the spring.

Then the solar system, the roof mounted system had to be drained to ensure no winter damage there as well, again not difficult just a process to let gravity do its job, then the system is left open, a few drops of water freezing in a large pipe will not cause damage but a couple of drops freezing in a small confined area such as a valve or seal can cause expensive damage so taking the proper time to allow the water to escape prevents seals being pushed apart causing leaks in the spring. It’s like winterizing a RV but we can’t use antifreeze, as it would contaminate the whole pool in the spring so compressed air and time is our friend.

The last step of our closing is tarping the opening to the pool cover, we do not cover the pool, we just tarp off the entrance, this stops leaves and debris from blowing it to the pool over the fall and winter, of course chemicals are added to keep the water clear and ready for spring.

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