Better or Worse? Feedback please

Ok I have been working Hard on my blog site the last month or so, trying to improve the site, and keep things a little more organized. As I had said a while back I moved from the free site to one that I can control, and allow me to improve as I learn how. I have looked at a number of templates and think I have found one that works good at least for now.

I have been trying to change up the photos, the added to the menus, and just an overall upgrade. So I guess what I’m asking for friends, is a little feed back, I know most people see the site through Facebook, and because I don’t see it on the Facebook platform, when you read my blogs does it actually take you to my blog site? If so I would like it if you were to sign up to follow my blog, I will not sell your data, and you will not be solicited in any manner, you will just get an email when I post if you choose, and please feel free to comment on the blogs.


I do this blog for my enjoyment, and to keep everyone that avoids social media informed as to what “The Buchanan’s” are up to. You also get the pleasure of my insights and thoughts, or as some would refer to as my verbal diarrhoea, I am afraid I do struggle with political correctness and if I see something that I don’t agree with, I will most likely mention it, some times in passing and other times I will fall into full blown rants. You may not agree with some of my thoughts and that’s ok to. I will approve any comments you add (so everyone can see) as long as your not trying to sell something…at that point I will mark it as spam and quite seriously nobody likes spam or Klik or Kam.

Thank you to all the people that follow our blog and we will soon be adding more on our travels and sights as we spend the winter in Arizona

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