Thanksgiving @ LHR

Ya ya, I know it’s only September 28th but this is the Lake Huron Resort potluck Thanksgiving dinner, and we are looking forward to it. This is the close out event for 2019 season, the resort buys the turkeys and hams and number of different people cook them, after all who doesn’t like turkey? And to be able to enjoy the meal with so many new friends, I’m thinking it could be Just a little special.

For our American family and friends the Canadian thanksgiving is celebrated the second weekend in October so it is only a couple of weeks early from the actual date. For Miss Laurie and I we have not had a lot of thanksgivings recently, you see for a number of years Miss Laurie had a booth at the Vineland craft show selling her Scentsy products. So we couldn’t celebrate thanksgiving with family, and last year was the first year she didn’t attend the show, so we were able to celebrate with her family they had a deep fried turkey, fresh cut fries, and all the regular fixings. It was pretty nice after missing it for a number of years, and sadly we are going to miss it again this year.

This is a big event here at LHR and Bonnie and Richard have decorated the community centre, and it looks great, the tables are numbered, and the serving tables labeled and I can’t wait to enjoy the spread. I have always liked a turkey dinner, and I have always liked potlucks so the combination should be perfect. All the different things to try, my fear is overeating but I will face that fear and venture forward anyway. I find that at potlucks can spark ones inventive juices as we sample different twists on the most common dishes, flavour combinations, sauces, spicing, and some of the most creative dishes you can imagine, the blending of cultures and traditions.

The weather is still reasonably warm, we had a little rain overnight but as I sit here watching the first light of the day it looks like it is going to be an overcast day with rain showers off and on and a high of 18 or 68 degrees with the sun making an appearance just before sunset. Canadian thanksgiving time of the year can catch a variety of temperatures from sitting on the deck in the sunshine and short sleeves to sitting by the fireplace warm and toasty inside with the cold fall rains. So today looks pretty normal, for a thanksgiving celebration, with more than a hundred of our closest friends.

Well no one left hungry, way more food that could possibly be eaten by twice as many people, and it did live up to my expectations lots of turkey, some ham, meatballs, mashed potatoes, smoked turnip, a dozen different salads, vegetables, and the deserts were to die for, at least a four pumpkin pies, and the list just goes on…it was a very nice way to close out the season.

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