Who turned down the heat?

Well this morning is cold, no not cool, no no this made it all the way to cold, 3 or 38 degrees, that is a number that makes me think it’s time to head south.img_0852

With only twenty days left on our schedule, at LHR (Lake Huron Resort) this is a reminder to me of just how much I don’t miss the cold…I know I am a Canadian boy and I’m suppose to be ok with the cold, and I used to have to just suck it up and carry on, but the last couple of winters being away from it, have maybe made me a little soft…but that’s ok. Now we have a choice as to where we winter, and freezing temperatures are not where I want to winter…just saying!

It’s Saturday morning at 4:57 and Mr. Divot just got me up because he wanted to be feed, so his routine is he climbs up on our bed and meows in our faces, and then one of us gets up and feeds the old grumpy Mr. Divot, well this morning it was me, and I notice the floor felt a little cool under my feet so I thought I will quickly check the weather on my phone and there it was the big number 3. Now being my optimistic (glass half full) self is thinking at least it is not freezing, but my pessimistic self is saying, ya but it’s really dam close.

So it’s cold enough that we have an electrical space heater, that has a thermostat and it normally cycles off and on over night as the temperature drops, after all we are only warming 320 square feet, and we like the bedroom cool for sleeping, so it is in the living area facing the windshield, but there is no cycling happening this morning. Now when we are traveling and not plugged into shore power, we will wake up to a coach that is 10 or 52 degrees and I will scramble to fire up the furnace as it circulates hot water through the whole coach, even the basement, but when we are on shore power and we have a cool night our little space heater is usually all we need.


But as I check the rest of the temperatures on my phone I notice Arizona is a balmy 14 or 60 degrees overnight and up into the low 30’s or 90’s in the day time, much better temperatures for this old fart, and then I remember that is thirty days or less we will be headed to those temperatures.

If you notice the temperature highs and lows there is less than ten degrees celcus from the high and low here but more than 15 degrees difference in Arizona, that is the desert, cool at night but warm during the day and notice nothing but sunshine for the week…then you wonder why we winter in Arizona.

Ok enough I heading back to bed, to dream of the warm temperatures of Arizona while boondocking in the desert drinking some of that economically priced Canadian Rye Whisky with a couple of ice cubes to keep it cool…just saying.

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