And they did it again…

Well it is Saturday night and I was sitting in the recliner watching Global news as they are reporting on the latest political lies (after all we are only two weeks from our federal election and the news has to report each new lie every day) and as I glance out the side window, I said to Miss Laurie, Susan and Robert just pulled in and they are backing into their regular site across the road from us…and Miss Laurie’s response was precious “seriously” to which I responded yes I’m pretty sure it’s Susan and Robert.


Now the Pikes are becoming a regular topic of our blog, as it was just a few weeks ago that they surprised us on my birthday, they have been touring around Ontario seeing the sites and enjoying the warm weather. Now you may remember when they left us before they were heading to Windsor so Robert could take in a couple of the Detroit Red Wings pre-season games while waiting for some repairs on their rig. Well in typical RV fashion they are still waiting but they are getting real close, in fact one of the items is landing on this coming Tuesday and hopefully the rest are close behind.

So they were exploring up in the Parry Sound area, checking out the fall colours when Robert got the opportunity to take in the Detroit Red Wings home opener, so the are heading back to Windsor for a game Sunday evening and needed a place to park for the night, and we were that spot. It’s always great to have visitors and of course it just adds when they are unexpected.

Yesterday started out as a frosty morning, but warmed up as the day went on, Richard and I started winterizing the first group of trailers, as funny as this may seem I have not winterized a unit in about forty years, as our idea of winterizing Thunder is to aim south and drive till it feels warm! We have stayed in freezing temperatures now and then but just right around the freezing mark. In fact on Saturday morning when we had the heavy frost the thermostat in the wet bay turned on the furnace, yes Thunder has a diesel oil fired furnace and it has a pre-set thermostat in our wet bay where most of the water lines are, as well as a hot water radiator that comes to life to protect our systems.


This style of heating system is call hydronic heating and there are a number of brand names on the market, ours is branded Hurricane, these systems were developed for the boating world where no one uses propane, diesel which is used for the boat motors was the fuel of choices, and it works similar to the boilers in the big old houses that are the source of heat by heating hot water to be pumped to radiators. Thunder has five such radiators, one in the bed room, one in the bathroom, one in the kitchen area, one in the living area and of course one in the wet bay in the basement. So when it fires up it takes a while to warm all the fluid in the system (it is filled with an antifreeze similar to your car) but it is a nice gentle heat when we use it. But most of the time if we are plugged into shore power we heat with a little portable space heater.

Well it’s about eight o’clock on Sunday morning and Miss Laurie and Susan have headed to the beach in the search of some of the coveted beach glass, or the perfect shaped stone for painting. Susan and Robert will be leaving us by 11:00 this morning as they venture off to the Windsor area, but it is always great to see them even if it is just overnight.

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