Second Fall Project

So the next project is the removal of some trees that are located next to trailers, sheds, and fences, these all require the 60 foot boom truck and a team of well experienced crew members. Also the trimming of a number of trees around the park, so two days (this Monday and a day next week) are tree trimming days so we will get Wednesday and Thursday off this week which will be different as many thing are closed in the area on Mondays.


We do not do this project on our own, Richard hires in a tree service, the same crew as in the spring that took down a dozen trees and totally cleaned up afterward in five hours, they are scheduled for two days and are bringing the boom truck to do a lot of trimming so I expect it to be busy for a couple of days…see I have even remembered to take some photos this time!


Watching this process is quite interesting as they pick which branch to remove first as everyone has to be lowered to the ground so as not to damage any trailers or other structures. And they use a higher branch as a spot for the rope to run through the crotch of the branch to catch the fall of each branch to lower it gently to the ground. This a lot more time consuming than the spring process of just falling the tree then cutting off the branches and the wood chipper they have chips everything up to 18″ in diameter. So most of my job was just helping to drag the branches to the chipper, and picking as much of the large debris as possible, then as the crew move to the next trees, Miss Laurie rakes the little branches and leaves, and we try to leave the site as clean as when we started.

The next day the crew comes in will be after the park closing as some of the work is along the 4000 volt power line but because they are before our main disconnect, Ontario Hydro will have to disconnect the service to the whole park, so I suspect the power will be down for quite a few hours as we trim the branches that have been touching the line coming in. Will most likely be a day to exercise the generator on the coach, as the temperatures for the next week or so is only showing highs of 14ºC or 60ºF with a couple of days only reaching 9ºC of 50ºF so I’m thinking a little heat might be a good thing.

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