Third Fall project

The wood spliter and I have a date, I need to split as much of the wood pile as possible as we are trying to clear this area, and as much as you need to season firewood. Some of this fire wood is becoming punkie, and that means it is not saleable and burns way too fast. So I’m finding it easier to split and throw it into the tractor bucket saleable on one side unsaleable on the other then I take to bucket to the shed and bag the saleable and anything not saleable gets stacked for staff use.


The pile has some good solid firewood and some is not good enough to bag and sell to guests, so there is a sorting process that I have to go through with each one as I split. The good wood gets bagged for next years sales, the odd shaped (un-bag-able pieces) and the punkier wood get split and stacked for staff use. My feeling is that if your buying a bag of fire you need to get good value, I have bought enough firewood to know that these bags are packed full and each one weighs about 70 Ibs. or 15 kg.


The view as I work is pretty hard to beat as the temperature high for today is 19 or 70 degrees, and as you can see sunny and bright, which make the task much easier. Not that many of our tasks have been difficult. As we seem to be given reasonably good equipment to use, not necessarily new but in well maintained condition. When I went to start this project I broke the pull start on the gas motor. There is a bit of a design fault with the exhaust or intake on the splitter and it allows rain water to get into the engine, so when I went to start it, the water caused a hydraulic lock which brought it to an abrupt stop and with me pulling I broke the recoil.

The splitter is built by Champion and no one in the Goderich area carries repair parts, every one sells Champion products but no repair pieces, so I called the Champion office in Burlington Ontario, spoke with a service representative and to my amazement he sent me a whole new recoil start for the splitter at no charge…yes I said NO CHARGE. In my world no one does business that way, I would have needed a credit card up front and would have paid for the part and shipping…so to say I was impressed is an understatement. Anyone that has spent any time in the desert around Quartzsite will recognize the Champion name as the manufacture of generators, the noisy ones, they are not Honda quality or quiet but are popular because of price and if is any indication as to their service…lets just say I’m impressed.

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