A Whirlwind of Activities

As the last few days at Lake Huron Resort are upon us, there has been little or no time to work on the blog. It’s Friday morning at about 5am and the park winterizing is almost complete, in fact by the end of today I expect to see the completion of all the tasks that have to be done this fall. We have dispersed almost a whole skid of antifreeze, with one of the last jugs being used to winterized the pump on the honey wagon yesterday. I have been changing the oil on most of the small equipment, yesterday was the motor on the honey wagon and the trash pump, I have the mowers, power washer, and the wood splitter left to do, I repaired the pull start on the honey wagon again yesterday, Richard completed the connections to the new power supply to the lakefront sites yesterday and checked the voltage drop from the box to last site and it was less than half a volt 119.9 volts at the end of the line and 120.2 volts at the new panel!

The weather here has turned to shyt, with the high yesterday of only 9ºC or 50ºF with a strong cold gusty wind off the lake, so most of our work was in the shop sheltered from the elements. Although we did make the final connections of the new power supply to the panel, and I completed the final pump outs before winterizing the honey wagon. Many of the leaves have not turned colour much here yet, but the wind yesterday brought down any that had and the ground is covered with green leaves that were beaten off the trees. Today will have less wind and some sunshine but the temperatures are only going to be about one degree better, with the weekend looking warmer but the low forecast for tonight is only 3ºC or 38ºF, can you say furnace time!

Today there is a long list of items to complete, two water line repairs, one cover for an electrical box that has somehow went missing, cleaning and changing the oil on the wood splitter and tucking it away for the winter, cleaning and storing the golf carts, blowing out the out door water lines at the community hall after doing the last clean up with the power washer, putting up the no trespassing / park closed signs, wiring the garbage bin lids to keep them closed over the winter, and last but not least mounting the snow blower on the big tractor…that is a true sign of what is to come. Our tree guys have fallen behind this week because of the weather so that project has been moved to the spring list along with the mower oil changes and blade sharpening.

We have a trailer coming into the park on Saturday for 2020 season, but unless something else comes up today I expect to be packing up the final items and preparing to aim Thunder down the road Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning depending how the final packing goes and what time that new trailer arrives. Richard and Bonnie are on baby watch for their second grand child and are leaving tonight for Cambridge to be closer as the due date approaches. So I’m expecting a last minute flurry of little items to be done today but all and all we are in good shape. So the next blog may be from our first day moving in nearly six months.

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