Fourth Fall Project

Miss Laurie has taken on this project totally on her own, it involves prepping the gardens for spring, cutting down the ornamental grasses, removing the annuals from the planters, tying up the junipers at either end of the snap court. Even wrapping the statues with plastic, the winters are quite sever with the winds blowing in off of Lake Huron so preparing properly is a must. These are the projects that Laurie loves, and used to do with our gardens at our sticks and bricks that were massive, and the preparing the gardens for winter was just part of what had to be done, so the amount of gardens here at the resort is about the same size or maybe even a little smaller than we used to have.


When we got here this spring the gardens had not been prepared like this, so the workload was even larger and many of the tasks more difficult because of wintering, but they were a short staffed last fall so some items just got pushed off till spring. With the preparation that Laurie has put into the gardens this fall, we will have time to add some new gardens in the spring when the planting of new items is optimum as opposed to in the fall.

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