Change of scenery

Well here is today’s view from Thunders windshield, we prepared a new site today on the water front, for a park model to be installed in the spring. So we thought we would test it out for a day or two, you know just checking the view to make sure it is up to the level of Lake Huron sunsets that are a given here on Ontario’s west shore.

As we are winding down this falls projects, at least the ones that we can control. There are still checks that we have to do, so this morning I was finishing a water line repair and see a trailer door open…I mean what the hell…and upon inspection, someone was obviously trying to repair the latch and forgot to finish. So I snap a couple of photos and report to the office to see if we have a spare key…no such luck so all we can do is close the door and block it closed with a piece of wood, no ideal but far better than the way the owner left it, see that big wind the other day was a good thing, as this would have been a messy find in April…just saying.

As I’m rechecking my list of things that we needed to complete, it’s looking pretty short now, some cleaning and storing of the golf carts, and splitter, winterizing the pressure washer, and blow the water line out after we are done and that’s all she wrote, at least on this piece of paper…Miss Laurie has some showings tomorrow afternoon so it looks like departure will be Sunday morning. We are pretty much packed and the move to day of about one hundred yards gave us a chance to warm the Cat diesel up and put almost everything away.

Ok it’s official, this site is sunset approved!

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